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Full-day conference

SIFFERT Spa is pleased to invite you to the full-day conference promoted by SIN (Italian Society of Nematologists) and the Agricultural Department of the University of Catania to be held friday, September 23 2011 at the Agricultural Department of the University of Catania,Ragusa Campus, Via Dottor Solarino, Ragusa on the topic "POSSIBILITY OF COMBATTING PHYTOPARASITIC NEMATODES IN LIGHT OF NEW EUROPEAN LEGISLATION"   


Morning session

Conference opening Prof.Carmelo Rapisarda and official greetings from SIN president Prof.Pio Federico Roversi,Dean of the Agricultural Department Prof.Agatino Russo, Mayor of Ragusa Dr. Nello Dipasquale, President of the Province of Ragusa MP Giovanni Francesco Antoci

9:30 Session opening - Moderator SIN Honorary President Prof. Francesco Paolo d´Errico

9:30   N.GRECO- Nematologic problems in vegetable crops
10:00 J.W. HENNART, G. LUCA, V. PAGANO - The genetic response to adversity with rootstocks
10:15 G. CAUSARANO - Prospects for using grafted plants in protected crops
10:30 G.CAPRIO - Agrarian biotechnologies based on microbial consortia
10:45 M. BENUZZI - Bioact WG Paecilomyces lilacinus based nematocide applied alone and in combination with Nem Guard, new garlic extract-based granular nematocite

11:00 Coffee Break  

11:30 Moderator Prof. C. Rapisarda

11:30 V. CONZA, C. IACONO - Potential of a number of vegetable extracts : the response of agricultural crops
11.45 G. ANZALONE - ECOESSEN as part of integrated strategies to contain telluric parasites
D. PEZZOLATO - Kendal Nem : an innovative solution in nematode control from the standpoint of integrated agriculture
12:15 G.P. CAPONI, J.M. RABASSE - The fight against Meloidogymne sp. on tomato and bean crops in Morocco using a new formula based on Metam Sodium and Metam Potassium (Nemaprop Plus)
12:30 F.BILLERO - Nemacur a valid tool in the fight against nematodes in vegetable crops
12:45 F. GUASTAMACCHIA, P. QUERZOLA, A.CAPPELLA - Oikos : long-term positive experiences in integrated defence of vegetable crops from root-knot nematodes
1:00   E. MEDICO - Certis solutions and strategies against greenhouse telluric adversities
1:15  R. FINLAY, A. GUARONE - Devguard 500 SC (TM) : new product for the containment of root-knot nematodes in greenhouse vegetable crops

1:30  Lunch

Afternoon session

Moderator Dr. A. COLOMBO
3:00 P. CESTARI  - Nemathorin 150EC : new formula of nematocide phosthizate for hose application
3:15 R. BRADISCIO, E. TESCARI, C. MONTAGNINI -Future of the 1.3D
3:30 L. VERGARA - Vydate 10L and Vydate5G : solutions to nematodes on vegetables
3:45 R. OCCHIPINTI - Residual problems on vegetables in relation to changes in defense
4:00 M. DE SANTIS - Outlook for European and national legislation in integrated defense

5:00 Closing remarks - SIN President Pio Federico Roversi 

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