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SIFFERT SpA and GEOFIN DIVISIONE BIO SpA are delighted to invite you to the technical meeting which will be held on Tuesday 19 January 2010 at 09.45 a.m., at the Pergola Hotel and Restaurant in Legnago (province of Verona), the meeting will address the topic :

Vegetable flours : a natural solution for regenerating soils and containment of galligenous nematodes.

Programme :

09.45 a.m. The GEOFIN DIVISIONE BIO project : regenerating soils as a mean of countering soil fatigue symptoms.
Speaker Maurizio Poletti Technical manager for GEOFIN DIVISIONE BIO SpA.

10.00 a.m. Analysis and development of infestations of galligenous nematodes in Italy and breakthrouhs in pest control.
Speaker Prof. Francesco Palo D´Errico Full Professor of Agrarian Nematology. Department of Agrarian Entomology and Zoology, Federico II University of Naples. Chairman of the Italian Society of Nematology. 

10.30 am. Vegetable flours : new products and technologies for suistanable agriculture.
Speaker Andrea Barone Sales manager of SIFFERT SpA.

10.45 a.m. The multi-purpose nature of the innovative ECOESSEN N and ECOESSEN NP organic fertilizers.
Speaker Maurizio Poletti GEOFIN DIVISINE BIO SpA.

11.15 a.m. Field experimentation of ECOESSEN products for regenerating soils and cntrolling nematodes in horticulture and on tobacco.
Speakers Prof. Francesco Paolo D´Errico, Giovanni Ansalone Technician at SIFFERT SpA, Graziano Compri and Massimo Zorzi Technicians of the O.R.T.V. (Veneto Region´s Organisation of Tobacco Growers).

11.45 a.m. Field experimentation of ECOESSEN products : results obtained and future prospects in horticulture.
Speakers : Aldino Ferrarini SPREA DEPOSITI and Maurizio Poletti GEOFIN DIVISINE BIO SpA.

12.15 p.m. Debate and conclusions.

Pergola Hotel Restaurant, Via Verona 140 - 37048 Legnago (Verona)
Italy. Tel. +39 0442 629 103.


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